What is the purpose of the female orgasm?

Because orgasms, male and female, encourages both parties to have more sex, which increases chances of pregnancy and passing on of the genes. And female orgasm can promote female-initiated sex, which again, up your chances for pregnancy.

There is a theory that the female orgasm causes muscle contractions that “upsucks” the sperm up the uterus to improve chances of fertilization, although the theory is controversial in sexology circles and evidence is somewhat contradictory.

Another reason could be that evolution is, for lack of a better word, lazy. male and female genitalia do not differentiate from each other in the fetus until 13 weeks post fertilization—essentially evolution found it easier to take the same organ and tinker on it a bit to produce the penis/testicles and vagina/uterus/ovaries instead of creating wholly separate organs for each sex. The male and female sex organs share many similarities, for example, the bulb of the penis and the clitoris are analogous organs and evoke similar responses when stimulated. So it could be that female orgasm actually does not serve any evolutionary purpose in females, but is simply a leftover feature that never got deleted.


(via sdsimple)